LEAD Groups

What are LEAD Groups?

Family on a Mission:

Purpose: To gather the family of God into smaller committed groups for the intent of growing deeper Christ centered relationships, be followers of the Word and the Spirit, and to facilitate an environment where everyday people are discipled.

What They Do:         

"L" Learn the Scriptures
"E" Engage in Community
"A" Act in Obedience
"D" Disciple Others Together 

(Each LEAD group will be Storying one week each month, and attending Gospel Fluency Training on the 2nd Thursdays.) The other 2-3 weekly meetings may comprise of the following:

1.  Personal Ministry
2.  Follow-up of Storying
3.  Follow-up of Sunday Teaching
4.  Worship & Prayer
5.  Teaching
6.  Outreach/Serve
7.  Game Night/ Recreation
8.  Split up men and women for gender specific ministry