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  • The Gift

    Have you ever received a gift from someone that was surprisingly not what you were expecting?  The Story of Jesus' birth showcases that God gave us something/someone we were not expecting. The gift of salvation through the incarnation of Jesus was woven all through the Prophets. Yet at the same time this miraculous story was shrouded and veiled to the natural mind.  Born of a virgin, Jesus enters our world with a little "class" and little "hood." 

    He is totally the unforecasted redeemer. The "class" is proven as kings journey to Bethlehem, excitingly pursuing the star in the east so they can adore and adorn this baby King with gold, frankincense and myrrh. Their timely arrival with gifts and wisdom lines the story with heaven's care.  

    In an unforeseen twist, the Father's gift to mankind was not without a good dose of "hood." Mary and Joseph are on the road. The time has come. The inn is full.  The only relief available to this anxious couple is an animal shelter.  As a farmer, I can relate to the three things that are in that shelter/barn: hay, animals, and poop.  This is "the way" our gift was given to us. Quickly thereafter, they are rushed to Egypt to flee from King Herod's wrath.   

    If we had the power to write the story for our own son/daughter we would undoubtedly re-script the narrative. We would have afforded Mary and Joseph adequate "nesting" time to mentally and physically prepare for this Kingly entrance. Essential oils, doulas, a warm and clean birthing room with a jacuzzi, all made ready for that most important moment. And yes, we would made sure to enlist a doctor, nurse, or at least a midwife. Yet none of these things was found sufficient in the Father's wisdom in giving us His Son!

    Jesus was God's gift to the world. Yet many missed receiving the beautiful gift because He was packaged in a way that was different from our expectations. He came with a little "class" and even more "hood."  Jesus would later heal a blind man from mud made from His own spit.  Welcomed by sinners, hated by Pharisees, and a complete anomaly to the Roman Empire, God's gift to humanity was veiled through its packaging.  

    God is a good giver.  John 3:16 says, "God so loved the world He gave..." He gives because He loves.  The Father gave Jesus to the world because He loves the world. This year I think upon all the gifts that God has given me because He loves me. The gifts of life, health, family, friends, neighbors, job, provision, protection, trials, hardships, and salvation. As we come to celebrate His birth this year, let's ask the Spirit to help us to perceive all of His gifts even if they came in forms/packaging we would not of chosen. Let us receive all that God has given to us this year with grateful hearts knowing its all because He loves us. The Giver chooses the gift.  He knows what what we need.  His gifts are always good.

    Oh come let us adore Him,

    By: Ryan Kubicina


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