We value Jesus as King over all, seeking His Kingdom and righteousness first. We preach Jesus and the Kingdom of God, and we seek to demonstrate Kingdom culture. We believe God’s Kingdom is God’s total answer to man’s total need.

We value our new identity in Christ above all other identities, even the admirable ones such as ministry. Sonship brings freedom to all of our false identities and idols that previously gave us false hope. All we are is found in Him. Before anything else, we are sons of God.

We value the context of family. God is Family: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We believe through Christ, the Church is the extended family of the King. Therefore, we are a family church that strives to relate to God and one another is in a holy manner. We aim to be committed, submitted, serving and protecting of one another.

We value the priesthood of all believers. Every believer is called to evangelize and serve, in the natural rhythms of life, using the gifts that God has given them for both His glory and the edification of the Church. We are all part of the body with no superstars other than Christ. We labor together and submit to Christ’s headship in each other.

We value being Biblically grounded. We refuse to be distracted by every new emphasis. Our desire is to be people who are empowered by His Spirit and fully submitted to His Word.

We value Biblical freedom. We embrace the full grace package that is available to us, to live free from the bondage of a self-centered lifestyle that leads to either legalism or licentiousness. We aim to be holy as He is holy. We also reject religious bondage that would refuse to redeem things that are not evil in themselves.

We value the neighborhood and the nations. We are sent to those near and far. Our campus and community serves our value to “live sent,” in the rhythms of everyday life, by declaring and demonstrating the Gospel of the Kingdom.

We value being transformed into Christ-like character through the working of the Holy Spirit. By grace we aspire to be humble, loving, teachable, vulnerable, pure, honest, gentle, long suffering, and excellent.

We value Christ exalting inter-dependent relationships. We reject individuality and co-dependence. We are a body made up of many parts therefore we can accomplish more together than we can alone. We also believe that Christ is the head of all our relationships, guarding us from unhealthy co-dependent relationships.

We value the God given role of the natural family. Since we are church family, we value liberating and empowering men and women through distinct, biblical, complimentarian gender roles in the natural family and the Church.

We value being a people of prayer and praise. We embrace our God-given role to be priests, prophets, and kings. We partner with Jesus to see the knowledge of God cover the earth as water covers the seas.